Rombach Automation

Water Meter

Our piston measuring technology for determining measurement errors of water meters and flow sensors opens up new horizons. The technology allows highly efficient testing procedures. Progressive adjustment and testing methods for static flow meters reach a maximum in precision.

Measuring technology for water meters and flow sensors

We offer compact and highly efficient testing systems for conformity assessment and research. In the center of our applied technologies stands the piston measuring technology. The precision of flow ge

Flow dynamic & flowrate constancy

The flow dynamic ranges from 0 l/h to 10.000 l/h with only a single standard. The maximum measurement error is less than 0,1 % over the whole flow and temperature spectrum. The flowrate constancy and

Video scanning

The scanning of visually readable water meters is accomplished through a revolutionary system which works precisely and stably at the same time. It makes scanning even possible for meters where the ro